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Adobe Spark Video

Points: 10 pts (individual task)
Due date: Wed, Sep 4 at 11:59 p.m.
Resources: Adobe Spark Video
Summary: Create an Adobe Spark Video using the theme “memorable moments”


The goal for this task is for you to play and practice creating a short video using Adobe Spark. The theme is “memorable moments” where you will create a 30-second (:30) max video showcasing tidbits of one single day in your life. You will use a mix of text, photos, sound (music), and video.

Example Adobe Spark Video:

Grimm video cover frame
“The Brother’s Grimm Spectaculathon 2017”: Sawyer’s Fall Production by Rebecca Cooney


  • Video tool:  Adobe Spark (no substitutions please!)
  • Video length: 15-30 seconds (:15-:30)
  • Required minimum elements:
    • 1-3 custom recorded video clips (up to :10 long)
    • 0-3 photos or other artwork
    • Music selection (select track within Spark, find one that is royalty-free, or use your own/approved-for-use track)
    • Incorporation of text as appropriate
  • Quick reference: Royalty-free images, video, sound


Part 1: Story Planning (informal – not something you will turn in)

Before you do a deep dive into video production – think about the story you want to tell. The theme for this task is “memorable moments.” So for you that might be attending a class, chilling out at home, coffee with friends, walking your dog, doing your job, or getting ready for an event. It’s just a snapshot – a short moment in time – so think of it is how you would answer the question “what was one fun or memorable thing you did today?” You are encouraged to  keep it positive and have fun with it and have friends help you get your footage.

So take a second and make some notes. If you had to do this task right now – what is one fun memorable thing that has happened to you in the past 48 hours? Did you have drinks with friends, go shopping, take a walk, watch a movie, paint your nails, play a sport…

Now consider how you would tell the story of that memorable moment if you were asked about it? Who is it about, who are the key players or characters? What took place? When did it take place? Where were you, what was your surroundings? Why is it memorable? How did you feel?

For example:

One night recently my husband and I had dinner with friends. We met our friend’s parents for the first time. We ate dinner and visited for several hours. So let’s break it down:

  • Who is it about? Me, my husband Chris, our friends Chris, Viky, Kennon, and Avery – and Chris’ parents Susie and Randy
  • What took place? We had wine, ate dinner, listened to music, and talked and laughed A LOT
  • When did it take place? Sunday night starting at 6p
  • Where were we? At Chris’ house in Moscow, in the backyard, gorgeous cool night
  • Why is it memorable? We have known Chris for 11 years and met his parents for the first time. We also got to spend time with his two boys and girlfriend – people we adore.
  • How did I feel? Amazing, joyful, blessed

So what I am doing here is setting the stage, creating a sense of place, establishing a certain tone. This outline  helps me think about the story itself and visuals I can use to share the experience with others.

Part 2: Creaiton and Collection of Digital Assets

  1. Start capturing or gathering images, artwork, and video clips that will aid in telling your story. You can be prominently featured or behind the scenes. Video can include audio or audio can be in voice-over when you put the video together.
  2. Create a folder or some other mechanism so you can collect photos, music, video footage, etc. – this can be on your phone, laptop, etc. – some place you have access and won’t lose your work

Part 3: Create your Video using Adobe Spark

Check out this reference for full walk through with screenshots and instructions: Here are the basics:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the +sign and select Videos
  3. Select “Start from scratch” in the top right > select Video in pulldown menu
  4. Give it a title
  5. Select Tell What Happened template (or Start from scratch if you prefer)
  6. Watch or skip the overview video
  7. Start to make it your own
  8. Play with different Theme options in right menu
  9. On each frame you can…
    • Adjust Layout in right menu
    • (+) add Photo
    • (+) add Text
    • (+) add Video (trim video clips as needed)
    • (+) add Icon
  10. Select the add slide button in the lower left to add a new frame
  11. Select Music in right menu to select a track that works with your story or upload your own music (should be royalty free or one you have permission to use)
  12. At the end – add a closing frame that wraps it all up
  13. Preview your work > make adjustments as needed

Part 4: Turn it in

  1. When done > select Share at the top
  2. Check the title and edit if needed, subtitle is optional, you can turn author visibility on or off, you can turn Get Noticed on or off
  3. Select Create Link
  4. Copy/paste your link in the Dropbox in Blackboard (Assignment Dropboxes > Lesson 1 > Tutorial)
  5. Optional – share your video on personal social channels

Grading Criteria

  • Adobe Spark Video: Adobe Spark video is complete and includes important information on all of the 5W’s
  • Pictures/Audio: Audio is used on most frames. Pictures or videos are present on all frames to aide in comprehension.
  • Organization and Neatness: Finished Adobe Spark video is well done, engaging, interesting and easy to understand. It shows careful thought and planning.