In this class students work both individually and in teams. Teams 3-4 students each are formed to focus on a semester-long project focused on building a mock company, starting a movement, creating an event or supporting a nonprofit organization. No student should plan on using 310 to launch a new business venture or support an existing company or endeavor. Neutrality is key to the success of teams and personal agendas only create barriers and challenges.

Our goal is to create teams that are both cooperative and collaborative. A number of factors are considered with forming successful teams including personality traits, individual preferences on roles when serving on teams and personal and professional interests.

Mock Company Ideas

  • 5k run or relay or fun run
  • 5k run with a nonprofit benefit
  • Art gallery that hosts events and features local musicians
  • Bed and breakfast or hotel
  • Beer run that incorporates cycling, running, or walking
  • Bike shop
  • Blog that features travel packages, events, great food within a select region
  • Coffee & music venue
  • Concert or music festival
  • Custom travel packages
  • Event around gaming and bringing gamers together (tournament) that also incorporates musical acts and food vendors
  • Event that incorporates animals and benefits humane societies
  • Event that partners sports and music
  • Event venue
  • Fashion show that benefits a cause
  • Fitness club
  • Fitness studio
  • Food truck
  • Fun run that benefits local charities
  • Golf course
  • Identify a cause (i.e. fighting leukemia or ALS, drug abuse prevention, texting, and driving) and create your own framework around supporting and building awareness about the cause
  • Moving music and wine event that travels regionally
  • Music event featuring local artists
  • Online boutique featuring clothes for a specific audience type
  • Online magazine featuring fashion, music or travel
  • Online store featuring local artists in music, painting, etc.
  • Online store featuring vintage fashion, music or books
  • Outdoor festival like Telluride where camping is incorporated
  • Outdoor tour company
  • Podcast featuring music, fashion icons or travel
  • Sports complex for youth
  • Sports-themed restaurant or food truck
  • Tapas (small plate) restaurant featuring outdoor seating, music, and dancing
  • Wedding planning services
  • Wine tasting event
  • Winery that hosts events and features music on the weekends
  • Yoga studio combined with healthy café

Roles in Teams

In courses designed around integrated digital campaigns, students are often given the opportunity to play several roles such as:

Project Manager Writer/Editor Layout Specialist and Campaign Execution Manager Analytics Specialist and Generator of Reports
  • Serves as the lead of the team while assigned to this role – running meetings, setting expectations
  • Takes notes during group meetings
  • Ensures that monthly deliverables are on track and if not – works with group to assign tasks
  • Lead individual when speaking to the instructor + primary communicator to the instructor when there are questions or conflict
  • Serves as the lead in turning in team assignments – initiates and manages related documents
  • Edits all team work – ensures AP style, spell checks, grammar checks
  • Edits all web content
  • Serves as primary researcher for tasks
  • Provides leadership for all written materials to ensure core messages are represented
  • Serves as lead in projects that require layout, use of logo or application of the brand including setting up and maintenance of website and social media
  • Quality assurance on all visual or creative material to ensure branding standards are met
  • Serves as lead in website updates, setting up html emails, designing reports and presentations
  • Serves as lead in setting up SEO for new content pages in website
  • Serves as lead in setting up and managing metrics reports
  • Serves as the lead in generating metrics reports for  the website, Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Provides summary of statistics and metrics for the purpose of reports and presentations

Students may also serve as photographer, videographer, multimedia editor, web designer, presentation designer, report generator and creative director.

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