Assignment Title: Status Report #1
Points: 20 pts
Due date: Delivered in class on Wed, Jan 30
Summary: The goal with your first status report is to deliver a short in-class presentation that introduces your team and explains your concept for the mock company you’ll develop in your semester-long project.


Each team will create a < 2min Spark Video that showcases the key elements of who you are, what you do, brand elements and customer profile. Each team will introduce themselves, provide a brief introduction the vision for the company, and share the video you have created.

References and examples:

> Adobe Spark setup and high-level overview from Chris Cooney
> Vista Bar & Grill Spark video (fall18)
> Whitman Without Waste Spark video (fall18)
> All Nighter’s Coffee Spark video (fall18)

Think of this task as creating a “dynamic mood board.” Here are some examples:

Here are some other examples of “static” mood boards to demonstrate different applications of color, fonts, texture, mood terms, etc. (reminder – the one you are producing must be a video with movement and sound)


Work together as a team to finalize your outline and key elements for your presentation, designate someone to create the Spark video, and establish the vision for your Spark video.

Your video should incorporate all of the following elements:

Company Foundation:

  • Company Name
  • Who you are, what you do, products/services you provide
  • Why did your team choose to develop this specific concept?
  • Brand statement

Showcase your Ideal Customer:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Needs, Problems, Challenges
  • Lifestyle
  • Media Preferences

Visual Brand Identity:

  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Fonts
  • Photography style
  • Graphic Elements
  • Textures
  • Music
  • Movement

Turn it in

  1. In Adobe Spark select the Share option and copy the URL
  2. Have one person on your team access Blackboard > navigate to Assignment Dropboxes and locate dropbox for Report #1
  3. Copy/paste the URL for the Spark Video into Blackboard
  4. Submit


Your work will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Research and Preparation: Students demonstrate thoughtful preparation and research
  • Content: Meets all the criteria for the assignment. All content is in the students’ own words (or cited appropriately) and is accurate.
  • Complete and Thorough: All aspects and sections of the assignment are completed in full with no holes. Demonstrated the ability to research to complete all tables, templates or outline requirements
  • Creativity: Students demonstrate creativity and innovation in completing the assignment content and any layout or design elements. The final product is unique, powerful, effective, and compelling.
  • Delivery: Maintain audience interest, limit the use of notes, emphasize key points, and demonstrate knowledge of the material presented.
  • Conventions: Presentation is easy to read, and all elements are very clearly written, labeled. The presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors.