Assignment Title: Status Report #2
Points: 20 pts
Due date: Submit before class on Wed, Feb 27
Summary: The goal with your second status report is to deliver a short in-class presentation to share the insights you gained from your Test Campaign and how you’ll apply what you learned to Campaign #1.


Each team will create a five-slide presentation and will have three minutes to present it in class. Your presentation should introduce your theme for Campaign #1, the insights you gained from your test campaign, how you’ll use these insights to improve and inform your content, and the top challenges/issues you have to address to be ready to launch the campaign next Monday.


Work together as a team to develop your 3-minute status report presentation.

Your presentation should include a title page, plus four slides. Your presentation should be branded using your company logo, color palette, and fonts. If you use photos and graphics, they should also match your company’s brand standards.

Develop your presentation using the following outline:

1.Title Slide

  • Company Logo
  • Company Name
  • Team Members
  • Date

2. Campaign Theme

  • Campaign Theme
  • Key Messages

3. Test Campaign Insights

Highlight 3-5 specific KPIs, keywords, audience characteristics, or behaviors that either confirmed your expectations, surprised you, or otherwise provided valuable insight.

You should use the results you gathered in Assignment 3C for this slide. However, do not simply copy-paste the Powerpoint template from that assignment. You should identify the specific insights from that assignment and feature them on this slide.

4. Opportunities

Describe 3-5 specific changes you’ll make to your campaign based on the insights from your Test Campaign and lessons learned in the campaign planning process so far. This could include edits to existing content, developing additional content, adjustments to your core brand content or even a change in your company name.

5. Challenges

What is standing in your way of launching your campaign next week? This could be technical issues, resource issues, time management issues, or even behavioral issues with your team. Describe your top three challenges and your plan for how you’ll address them and overcome them over the next five days.

Turn it in

Remember, this assignment is due before class on the day you present.

  1. In Google Docs, select the Share option and copy the URL for your completed presentation file
  2. Have one person on your team access Blackboard > navigate to Assignment Dropboxes and locate dropbox for Status Report #2
  3. Copy/paste the URL for your file into Blackboard
  4. Submit

Grading Criteria

Your work will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Research and Preparation: Students demonstrate thoughtful preparation and research
  • Content: Meets all the criteria for the assignment. All content is in the students’ own words (or cited appropriately) and is accurate.
  • Complete and Thorough: All aspects and sections of the assignment are completed in full with no holes. Demonstrated the ability to research to complete all tables, templates or outline requirements
  • Creativity: Students demonstrate creativity and innovation in completing the assignment content and any layout or design elements. The final product is unique, powerful, effective, and compelling.
  • Delivery: Maintain audience interest, limit the use of notes, emphasize key points, and demonstrate knowledge of the material presented.
  • Conventions: Presentation is easy to read, and all elements are very clearly written, labeled. The presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors.