Part 6: Final Report and Presentation

Points: 100 pts
Due date: Teams will present their posters and presentations in class on Apr 22 and 24
Resources: Poster design tools and templates (coming soon)
Summary: The goal of Part 6 is to summarize, showcase, and celebrate all you have accomplished in 310 this semester


Part 6 is the design of a final showcase and reflection of your semester-long project. Your presentation will tell the story of your semester-long project experience through live narration, visual display of materials created, experiences, results, and reflections on all that was learned (challenges and successes). Your presentation should be designed according to your mock company brand platform including fonts and color scheme, branding elements and style.

The final step in your semester-long project is to develop a presentation that summarizes what your team has accomplished in the course.  A summary of what you completed in Parts 1-5 includes:

  1. Identified the problem – or challenges your semester-long project will address
  2. Established a vision and goals for your fictional organization, and identified who you are, what you do, and who you want to reach
  3. Completed an exercise in naming your organization– taking into consideration keywords, urban slang, and trademark
  4. Established a foundation for your project – identifying your organization’s mission, philosophy, and tone, conducting a SWOT analysis and mini competitor review, and crafting core messages for your organization through 5W’s, key terms and phrases
  5. Designed a logo and visual identity for your organization
  6. Created a profile of your ideal customer by outlining characterizations, level of awareness, goals and motivations, challenges and frustrations, and media usage habits
  7. Established a plan and vision for your website and social media engagement strategy
  8. Created and designed the first phase of a website for your fictional organization including top level pages (about, who we are, what we do, blog, contact) and the integration of Google Analytics, and search engine optimization on every page (title, description, keywords, and phrases)
  9. Established the first phase of a Facebook page and Instagram for Business account including about and bio information and images, as well as your first posts for your blog, Facebook, and Instagram assets formally introducing your fictional organization to friends, family, and fans
  10. Developed Your Campaigns – Designed two digital campaign strategies including the community of interest analysis, content strategy, campaign messaging, editorial calendar, and plan for monitoring campaign effectiveness through various metrics points. Implemented your campaigns including blog posts, social media posts, paid ads, and emails.
  11. Managed Your Campaigns – Monitored and reported on metrics from your campaigns with an emphasis on Google Analytics, social media metrics, advertising, and email performance.


  • Use the Canva template provided as the basis for your poster. You will also write up talking points.
  • Teams will present over two days in a showcase format. Poster will be posted around the room in Goertzen 1. Students will walk around the room and teams will present their work using their talking points and showcasing the work created this semester.

Canva Template

Poster size: 38″ x 24″ (3-1/2′ x 2′)


Poster Design and Prep for Production:


  1. Have one person on the team log in to Canva. Be sure to log in via Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Access the shared Canva file at
  3. Go to File > Make a Copy (CRITICAL step. You must make a copy so you are not editing the master template)
  4. Rename the file at the top “Team name – Final Poster”
  5. Once you create your own version of the poster – you can “share” it again with your teammates so more than one person has access. Share by entering their emails and “can edit” is selected.
  6. Edit and customize your poster with your mock company and campaign info
  7. Review your work – checking for accuracy and quality
  8. When ready to submit > select “Share” at the top
  9. Type in and make sure “Can Edit” is showing
  10. Rebecca and/or Chris Cooney will work with Chris Lavoie at The Spark to print all posters and bring them to Goertz 1 for presentations

Write up your Talking Points using the following outline

Talking points are due by your presentation date

A. Introduction – introduction of team members

B. Company Summary – who you are, what you do, where you’re based, your audience, what problem you are solving, what makes you unique, and your products and services

C. Online Presence – Highlight your online channels articulating the main purpose, function, and vision behind your website, blog, and social channels.

D. Campaigns

  • Summarize the main vision and purpose for each of your campaigns including goals, theme, key messages, and calls to action.
  • Summarize and showcase campaign metrics findings and outcomes (e.g. Google Analytics, social media insights or analytics, HTML email metrics).
  • Highlight changes you made between campaign #1 and #2 and what you learned most in the process of running campaigns and monitoring metrics
  • Articulate what you enjoyed most about the class or campaign and your greatest challenges. Share what you learned from creating digital properties and executing a campaign. Share what you would do differently given the opportunity.


Note: Dates for which teams are presenting Apr 22 vs. Apr 24 will be posted soon

On the day of the presentation come to class prepared to present or if not presenting, provide feedback. Teams also have the option of having a laptop or tablet by their poster that they can use to showcase website, emails, social channels, videos, etc.

310 Team Showcase Day 1: Mon, Apr 22, 2019

10:10-11:00a (Chris)1:10-2:00p (Rebecca)
Full Circle FoodsPAWS
Big Day Your WaySeattle XP
Blue Sky ResortsThe Mindful You
Drive -INtertainmentTravelcation
TrocalInspo & Co

310 Team Showcase Day 2: Wed, Apr 24, 2019

10:10-11a (Chris)1:10-2p (Rebecca)2:10-3p (Chris)
Experience ExpressSang To GoParadise on the Palouse
Posh Planning CoCafe MaziCougar Care Concussion Aid
Sip and ShopIungo Networking AgencySmooth Study
Doorbell Food FactoryGood Condition MissionRound the Clock Pullman
Hopscotch Brewing CoCoug Lux


  1. Have one person from your team log in to Blackboard and access 310 Dropboxes
  2. In the dropbox for Semester-Long Project Part 6 share your talking points doc and Canva shared link to your poster