Part 2: Online Presence and Preliminary Digital Content

Points: 30 pts
Due date: Mon, Feb 11 at 11:59 p.m.
Resources: Google doc (template), Weebly, Google Analytics, SEO best practices
Summary: The goal for this task is for your team to complete the preliminary setup of your mock company Weebly site, Facebook page, and Instagram account. You will also integrated SEO and Google Analytics into your site.



Note: Written instructions for initial website setup (phase 1 and 2), setup of your Facebook page and Instgram account, and integration of SEO and Google Analytics into your site can also be found in the APPENDIX section of Part 2 Overview

Walk-Thru of Part 2 with Examples
Tutorial: Initial Setup of Mock Company Weebly Site


Tutorial: SEO Integration into your Weebly Site
Tutorial: Integration of Google Analytics into your Weebly Site
Tutorial: Facebook Page Setup
Tutorial: Instagram Setup


Taking your mock company to the next level, you will create a website and social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. You will also complete the integration of Google Analytics into your site, as well as search engine optimization for each page (title, description, keywords).

Assignment Components:

  1. Preliminary setup of mock company website in Weebly
  2. Preliminary setup of mock company Facebook and Instagram pages
  3. Integration of search engine optimization (SEO) on every page of website
  4. Set up and integration of Google Analytics into Weebly site
  5. Initial content population of website (draft copy and integration of images/video)
  6. Peer website and social media evaluation (this will be an interactive activity – details will be provided during class). Learn more

Assignment References

Web Design Resources


See APPENDIX for step-by-step instructions for preliminary setup of your website and social channels, SEO integration into your site and Google Analytics setup.

  1. Download the template for Part 2 – upload it to your team’s shared Google Drive folder so all have access and can edit it.
  2. Follow instructions provided to complete the initial setup of your mock company site in Weebly
  3. Follow instructions provided to complete the initial setup of your mock company page in Facebook and Instagram account
  4. Complete the plan and vision sections in the template for your initial setup of the website and social channels
  5. Complete the section in the template to write content for setting up SEO on every page > once completed, copy/paste that content into the SEO fields on every page of your site (title, description, meta keywords)
  6. Follow instructions to set up your team’s Google Analytics account and connecting it to your Weebly site
  7. Begin populating your website and social media page content including draft copy for your main pages and about/bio sections
  8. Using guidelines provided, your team will be assigned to another 310 team to conduct a structured evaluation of their initial website and social media setup

Turn it in

  1. Once you have completed all aspects of the template, review your document, make sure all elements are complete, proofread and spellcheck.
  2. Have one person on your team…
    1. Go to Blackboard > Dropboxes: Assignment Dropboxes > Semester-Long Project Part 2
    2. Go back to your doc in Google Drive
    3. “Share” your document by clicking the “Share” button
    4. Click on “Get Shareable Link” (using the drop-down box, make sure the setting for the link is set to “can edit”)
    5. Copy link
    6. Go back to the drop box and paste in the link (CTRL>V) or right click > paste


Rubric created for Website and Social Media Setup:

  • Target and purpose: Demonstrated understanding of who the site was created for. All elements of the site are engaging and appropriate for the target audience.
  • Layout and design: Initial setup of pages are attractive, text spacing and alignment make reading easy, photos and backgrounds enhance the appearance. All required pages and sections are accounted for with preliminary content present.
  • Graphics: Mock company brand is present and consistent throughout site and social pages including application of logo, font, color palette. Photos, icons, clipart is used creatively and are in line with the brand.
  • Writing:  Preliminary content is complete, accurate, readable, and free of errors. All template elements should be removed or customized. Any copy/pasted copy should be stripped of formatting so font, spacing, and other elements are consistent throughout the site.
  • Navigation, links, and functionality: Best practices are demonstrated in navigation and flow for enhanced user experience. All links have been checked and lead the user somewhere. Functionality intrigues the target audience and enhances the purpose of the site.


See bottom of Part 2 Overview for step-by-step instructions for setup of your website, social channels, and integration of SEO and Google Analytics. You can also refer to the tutorial slide decks above.