Points: 20 pts (team task)
Due date: Mon, Sep 16 at 11:59 p.m.
Resources: Google Docs, Google Slides, Canva, Adobe Colors, Google Fonts
Summary: Completion of a creative brief, creation of brand and visual identity, and core messaging. Part 1 Overview Slide


In Part 1 teams will establish the foundation for their mock companies by completing a creative brief and setting up their brand canvas: platform and visual identity. A template is provided. Access it in your team’s shared folder.

Quick reference:


Step 1: Access your team’s shared Google Folder

Step 2: Project management and individual student tasks

Work through the Part 1 team assignments doc and decide who will take the lead on each task

Step 3: Complete Part 1 template:

  • Company name
  • Visual identity (reference: past mock company logos)
  • Project overview
  • Competitor profiles
  • Audience personas
  • Customer decision process
  • Brand platform
  • Core messaging
  • Company statement

Step 4: Turn it in

  1. QA check your Part 1 doc
  2. Open Blackboard > Assignments >  Lesson 2 folder
  3. “Share” your Part 1 doc from Google Drive and Part 1 team assignments sheet
  4. Copy shared doc link in Blackboard dropbox folder

Grading Criteria

Students will be graded for completion of the task with an emphasis in following instructions, overall quality, completeness, accuracy, and presentation value.