Fall 2019 Teams

9a Teams

(1) Fresh Roots Kitchen(6) Youth Endeavors
(2) Midnight Greens(7) Skydive Palouse
(3) VEHN(8) Buzzed in the Back Seat
(4) Tailgate Tank(9) The Green Door
(5) Gym Schymymm(10) Evergreen Wine and Beer Fest


(A) Clownin’ Cuisines(F) Idyllic Day
(B) Upcycled(G) Serenity of the Sea
(C) Boozin’ Beaver(H) Putt Putt on the Palouse
(D) Sip n’ Study Espresso(I) EnTrip
(E) Sip Under the Sea(J) Pane Fresco