The setup: 

You have a client with a dilemma. They have a flyer in hard-copy format only. The employee who created it is no longer with the company. They need a digital version. You have been asked to re-create it using Canva.

Here’s the flyer you need to re-create:

Step 1: Log in to Canva

  • username:
  • password: CooneyDemos205

Step 2: Create Your Design

  1. Select Create a Design
  2. Type Poster in the search bar
  3. Begin to build your poster elements
    1. Give the poster a title at the top
    2. Go to Uploads > select each image below and they will appear on the right
      • Select the doggy face image
      • Select the logo
      • Select the blue background swatch
    3. Select the background image > Position > Backward > drag the size so it is behind the doggy face image
    4. Position the logo at the center, top > use the handles to resize it
    5. Select Text > add a heading > Type in Got food?
    6. Select the text and play with fonts > choose one for your heading (mine is Assistant Regular)
    7. Select Text > add a subheading > Type in Hungry puppers need food. Donate today!
    8. Select the text and play with fonts> choose one for your subheading – recommended you choose a version of your headings font (nine is Assistant Extra Light)
    9. Select Text > add a little bit of body text > Type in Visit our Amazon Wish List at for details or contact us for info: (509) 332-3422
    10. Select the text and choose a font again – recommended you stay with the heading or subheading font for continuity
    11. Play with the size of your text blocks so they mirror the model
    12. If you want to keep your work, feel free to download it as a jpeg, png, or pdf and email it to yourself!

That’s it!