Points: 10 pts
Due Dates: Due by Mon, Dec 9 at 11:59p
Category: Peer Evaluation
Resources: Word template


Your final peer feedback is a culmination of your semester-long experience and gives you an opportunity to provide positive and critical narrative for yourself and your teammates and how you feel about your overall experience working in a team throughout the semester.

Evaluation Criterion

  • Overall Satisfaction with Team Project: Overall, how satisfied were you with the team structure for the mock company project and experience?
  • Things you enjoyed: What did you enjoy most about working on the development of a mock company and digital campaigns?
  • Team strengths: What were the greatest strengths of your team as a whole or as individuals?
  • Team weaknesses (areas of opportunity): What were the greatest weaknesses of the team or areas that fell short?
  • Greatest takeaways: What did you learn about working in a group from this project that you will carry into future team-based experiences?

Turn it in

  1. Check your work for completion
  2. Open Blackboard > Assignments >  Lesson 7 folder > Peer Eval 3 dropbox
  3. Upload your completed template as a .docx or pdf file