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Course Instructors

Meet the 310 Instructors

310-01: Cara Hawkins-Jedlicka
(MWF 10:10a-11:00a)

310-02: Rebecca Cooney
(MWF 1:10-2:00p)

310-03: Chelsea Newman
(TR 10:35-11:50a)

Course Overview

The course addresses digital content and social media campaigns from both a PR and advertising perspective. In general, the work created and submitted is meant to prepare students for real-world application. Assignments include content creation and promotion of campaign elements using both emerging and established new media technologies, including social media, podcasts, viral videos, social media news releases and website analytics.

Students work in teams aligned with a fictional brand, product or organization for the duration of the semester. Students are expected to conceptualize and create specified elements of a promotional campaign, which includes brand platform, website, social media channels, HTML email and digital assets. Students learn to optimize and promote their campaigns and content for distribution and discovery on search engines, social networks, mobile devices and other non-traditional outlets. Best practices are explored for digital storytelling, tagging, metadata creation, social network seeding, community engagement and more. Students learn basic data interpretation techniques of the website and social media analytics services (such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights) that track visitor behavior, page views, keyword and third-party site referrals.

Students close out the semester with a solid understanding of digital content tactics, tools, and resources available for ongoing professional development, exploration, and mastering.

Course Syllabus

Please visit the Course Syllabus page for more information about:

  • Course learning goals
  • Course expectations
  • Course professionalism
  • Lesson outline for spring 2020
  • Assignments and grading
  • Student learning outcomes
  • Policies and procedures

Required e-Textbook

Required Textbook: Cooney, R. L. (2018). “Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns*,” Dubuque, IA: Great River Learning. ISBN # 9781680757965. The e-Textbook can be purchased at The Bookie via access card or directly from the publisher. Learn more