Customer Journey Map Exercise

Source: Similar exercise introduced at General Assembly “Branding in the Digital Age” with Rachel Gadiel


Customer journey maps help organizations understand how customer’s make decisions. The journey maps provide a mechanism to evaluate all touch points with the customer (face-to-face, email, digital engagement, phone, text, etc.), and identify weak points or areas of opportunity. Customer Decision Process summary slide.

The Task

Your canvas:

For this task you will work in teams to journey map your decision to attend WSU. Each team has been given a large sheet of butcher paper to recreate the graphic below. You have also been given markers and post-it notes.

customer journey map

Things to include on the map:

  • Triggers: Events that happen that impact your customer (e.g. need new furniture, favorite product broken and needs to be replaced)
  • Touchpoints:  Interactions between the organization and the customer (e.g. visiting your site, making a purchase on your site, liking a post, perusal of customer reviews)
  • Actions: What your customer does along the way (e.g. organic search, visits store, submits a customer review)
  • Internal Dialogue: What the customer thinks and feels throughout (e.g. worries, excitement, impatient, anxiety)
  • Highs & Lows: Use of emoji’s and pictures to indicate the good stuff, challenging moments, or negative experiences

This is a guided activity – wait for prompts from the instructor!

Example: Uber First Ride Experience

Customer Journey Map example - Uber

Infographic: Customer Journey Layers

Graphic Source: Bright Vessel

Example: Customer Decision Process