Points: 10 pts
Due date: Fri, Jan 11 at 11:59 p.m.
Resources: Qualtrics survey
Summary: Complete the survey designed in Qualtrics


In this class students work both individually and in teams. Teams 3-4 students each are formed to focus on a semester-long project focused on building a mock company, starting a movement, creating an event or supporting a nonprofit organization. No student should plan on using 310 to launch a new business venture or support an existing company or endeavor. Neutrality is key to the success of teams and personal agendas only create barriers and challenges.

Our goal is to create teams that are both cooperative and collaborative. A number of factors are considered with forming successful teams including personality traits, individual preferences on roles when serving on teams and personal and professional interests.


Please complete the survey in its entirety. The survey is built in Qualtrics.

If you have additional notes, comments or requests, please provide them at the end of the survey. All notes will only be seen by the instructor. Please note that all teams are formed based on instructor assessment of considerations listed above. Due to a number of bad past experiences, individual students will not be put together by special request

Grading Criteria

This task is graded on completion. Complete the survey. Points for completion will be entered manually in Blackboard grade book by your instructor.