1. Go to www.grtep.com

a. No access code (purchasing from publisher): Select “Click here to Purchase” if you do not already have an access code OR

b. With access code (purchased at The Bookie): Enter the access code from the access card and select “Next”

2. Select Washington State University from the Institution pulldown menu

3. Select Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns – Rebecca Cooney from the Online Publication drop-down menu

4. You will be prompted to select your appropriate section/instructor. Please select the correct course so you are placed in the appropriate class (Chris Cooney – section 01 and 03; Rebecca Cooney – section 02)

5. Complete the account Info form information. Please use  your wsu.edu email address for consistency in course communication.

6. If purchasing from the publisher, complete your payment information and click Submit

7. From there you will receive further instructions and prompts to access the textbook

*Please note that in compliance with the WSU Faculty Handbook (IV 1. Use of Faculty Authored, Edited or Prepared Scholarly Material (page 88), the author designates The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication as the royalty designee to receive royalties for all e-textbooks sold for COMSTRAT 310 and thereby waives any rights to receive royalties from the publisher for this course or any other WSU-sponsored course. Please contact Rebecca Cooney if you have any questions or concerns related to this policy.