L3: Digital Marketing Tools & Tactics

W5: Sep 16-20 / W6: Sep 23-27

Topics & Activities: Planning and setup of your suite of digital assets – web, social, email, project management, web analytics, search engine optimization, search engine marketing. Integration of Google Analytics, SEO into your site, initial web and social content.

Weekly Activities

M, Sep 16W, Sep 18F, Sep 20
M, Sep 23W, Sep 25F, Sep 27


Status Report #1 in class W, Sep 18. All other tasks due M, Sep 30

CategoriesAssignmentsIndividual vs. TeamPoints
Team ReportsStatus Report #1: Report on plan, brand, and strategy for mock companyTeam20
ReadingCh 4: Digital Marketing – Web, Social Media, Online Advertising & Mobile AND Ch 5: Digital Marketing – Monitoring, Metrics, & ReportingIndividual24
TutorialOnline survey design, distribution, analysisIndividual10
Peer EvalPeer evaluation #1: Assessment of how things are going with your team so far (setup > Part 2)Individual10
Team ProjectPart 2: Mock company website and social chanbnel setup and initial contentTeam30
ParticipationIn class activities and attendance (weeks 5-6)Individual15
L3 Total Points112

Lecture & Discussion Materials

Coming soon.