L4: Digital Campaign Strategy

W7: Sep 30-Oct 4 / W8: Oct 7-11

Topics & Activities: Digital assets and visual storytelling, online advertising, and email marketing, digital campaigns, successful campaigns, campaign planning. Campaign #1: Establish goals, key messages, and themes, desired outcomes, content strategy, and editorial calendar.

Weekly Activities

M, Sep 30W, Oct 2F, Oct 4
Overview of digital campaignsStatus Report #2: showcase of company online presence and digital content to-dateSuccessful digital campaigns
M, Oct 7W, Oct 9F, Oct 11
Fundamentals of design in social media postsOverview of paid adsEmail marketing


Status Report #2 in class W, Oct 2. All other tasks due M, Oct 14.

CategoriesAssignmentsIndividual vs. TeamPoints
Team ReportsStatus Report #2: Showcase your company online presence and digital content to-dateTeam20
ReadingCh 6: Integrated Digital Campaigns: Planning, Execution, and MetricsIndividual12
TutorialCanva – social media postsIndividual10
Team ProjectPart 3: Branded materials, digital content creation, and Campaign #1 planningTeam30
ParticipationIn class activities and attendance (weeks 7-8)Individual18
L4 Total Points90

Lecture Materials

  • Digital Campaigns Overview
  • Digital Campaigns Planning
  • Digital Campaigns Implementation
  • Blogging in Business
  • Blogging Tips in Weebly
  • Anatomy of Best Social Media Posts
  • Overview of Paid Advertising
  • Google Ads Tutorial
  • Overview of Email Marketing
  • Constant Contact Tutorial

In Class Exercises

  • Digital storytelling
  • Successful campaign analysis
  • Social media post creation in Adobe Spark or Canva
  • Google Ads test campaign
  • Html email creation in Constant Contact