L5: Campaign #1 Implementation & Metrics

W9: Oct 14-18 / W10: Oct 21-25 / W11: Oct 28-Nov 1

Topics & Activities: Online advertising and email marketing, creation of templates, creation of repeatable content, Campaign 1 monitoring and real-time adjustments

Weekly Activities

M, Oct 14W, Oct 16F, Oct 18
Campaign #1 kick off, curated contentEmail marketingDigital metrics
M, Oct 21W, Oct 23F, Oct 25
> Campaign #1 progress and check-in with instructor

> Sign-up sheet for acrylic sheets for keychains

> Sign-up sheet for Google Analytics Certification xtra credit
Swag and productionPlaytime with social media tools
M, Oct 28W, Oct 30F, Nov 1
Campaign #1 wrap-ups and analytics reviewStatus Report #3: review of campaign #1 successes, challenges, adjustments for campaign #2Nov 1 Flipped Classroom Project – social media post promoting holiday cheer (xtra cr 10 pts)


Status Report #3 in class W, Oct 30. All other tasks due M, Nov 4.

CategoriesAssignmentsIndividual vs. TeamPoints
Team ReportsStatus Report #3: Review of Campaign #1 – successes, challenges, and adjustments for campaign #2Team20
ReadingCh 7: Cutting through the Clutter – Staying current in an ever-changing digital spaceIndividual12
TutorialCurated contentIndividual10
Peer EvalPeer evaluation #2: Round two of evaluating how things are progressing with your team (Parts 3-4)Individual10
Team ProjectPart 4: Campaign #1 Implementation, monitoring, and metricsTeam50
ParticipationIn class activities and attendance (weeks 9-11)Individual27
 L5 Total Points 129

Lecture Materials

In Class Exercise

  • Set up SproutSocial for campaign implementation
  • Review of Campaign #1 metrics so far
  • Fun with social media tools
  • Creating your metrics report as part of Part 4