Signing off!

Closing out 310

Great job teams! The poster showcase was a great success. It was such a fun semester and we are so proud of the work you created. This is our final announcement in 310. Chris and Rebecca will wrap up grading this week and post final grades to myWSU by the May 7 deadline. We wish all of you a happy and safe summer and hope to see some of you at graduation or on campus in the fall. You will be missed!

Week 15: Showcase & Celebrate!

Time to tell your story and wrap up your work for the semester!

Final Presentations

The Final Presentation schedule is posted (scroll to bottom). You are expected to attend class this week even on the days your team does not showcase and present. It’s important you support your classmates who  you have worked alongside this semester.

  • Monday – Team poster presentations
  • Wednesday – Team poster presentations

Remember to turn in both your shared Canva poster link and talking points document to the Part 6 dropbox in Blackboard by Wed, Apr 24.

Final Peer Evaluations

The Peer Eval #3 survey link is now live. Visit the Qualtrics Survey link to complete the survey by Wed, Apr 24

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are now available on Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps continuously improve this course.

Week 13: Campaign #2 continues!

Apr 8, 10, 12

Welcome to Week 13 and the 2nd week of Campaign #2. This week students will focus on Part 5B – creating a web feature on your home page, new ads, social media posts, and two emails. Instructions, demo, and walk-thrus will take place in class on Mon and Wed so please be there! Reminder! Your final readings and end-of-chapter quizzes for Ch 7 and 8 are due by Apr 8. See you soon!

Week 10: Campaign #1 Wrap-Ups

Week 10: Mar 18, 20, 22

Welcome back from Spring Break! This week we will wrap up Campaign #1, take a look at metrics, and get ready for Status Report #3. The course schedule has been updated to reflect a few shifts in due dates. We’ll go over the plan for the final six weeks of class this week. Hope you are rested and ready to dig back in! See you soon.

Image: Pexels

Week 8: Launch of Lesson 5

Feb 25, 27, March 1

It is Week 8 in COMSTRAT 310. This week we will wrap up Lesson 4 and Part 3 of the semester-long project (Campaign #1 strategy), as well as formally launch Lesson 5: Digital Campaigns Part 1.

Your to do’s this week:

  1. Wrap up Part 3 of the semester-long project
    • Part 3A – Campaign Strategy & Core Messaging
    • Part 3B – Test Campaign
    • Part 3C – Test Campaign Results
  2. Finish your reading and end of chapter quiz for Ch 6: Integrated Digital Campaigns: Planning, Execution, and Metrics
  3. Prepare for Status Report #2 – teams will deliver in class on Wed, Feb 27

We will also introduce Part 4: Campaign #1 implementation this week.

Note: Class will not be held on Fri, Mar 1. Rebecca and Chris will be in Seattle for ASWSU Global Rendezvous 2019.

Photo from pxhere royalty-free images