Status Report #3

Points: 20 pts (team task)
Due date: Presentations will be delivered live in class on Wed, Oct 30 (all teams)
Resources: Google Slides recommended (template provided)
Summary: The purpose of the second status report is to showcase the strategy, design, and outcomes of Campaign #1 Status Report #3 Overview slide



Each team will prepare a 3-4 minute presentation that showcases t strategy, design, and key outcomes of Campaign #1. The presentation will include aspects of Part 3 and Part 4 including your creative brief and highlights of campaign #1 with an emphasis on top-performing social media posts and ads.

Status Report #3 Outline

A template is provided.

  1. Cover slide: Company and campaign summary
  2. Creative brief and campaign #1 components
  3. Google Analytics summary slide
  4. Social media metrics summary – Facebook and Instagram
  5. Top performing social posts with metrics
  6. Featured blog post (choose one)
  7. Google Ad metrics overview slide including a screenshot of your top performing ad
  8. Campaign email and metrics
  9. Campaign #1 reflections

Turn it in

  1. Have one person on your team access the Lesson 5 > Status Report 3 dropbox in Blackboard
  2. Copy/paste your presentation link or upload your doc
  3. Submit

Grading Criteria

With Status Reports I am looking for thoughtful preparation and research, attention to detail, completion of task, creativity, and good energy. Presentations should be error-free and a demonstrated effort for solid delivery of information including maintaining audience interest and limited use of notes. Teams are also expected to stay on-brand and on-message relative to their mock company.

For presentation day: