Status Report #2

Points: 20 pts (team task)
Due date: Presentations will be delivered live in class on Wed, Oct 2 (all teams)
Resources: Google Slides recommended
Summary: The purpose of the second status report is to showcase the launch of your mock company website and social channels. Status Report #2 Overview slide


Sample Status Report #2 presentation – Sang To-Go (Spring 2019)

If you wan to use the Sang To-Go slide deck as a template, you can download the PowerPoint .pptx version, save a copy for yourself, upload it to your team’s shared Google folder, and customize it with your brand and content.


Each team will prepare a 3-4 minute presentation that showcases the website they developed in Wix or Weebly, their Facebook page, and their Instagram page. The presentation should address the goal/purpose each channel serves and the success measures used to track progress toward those goals. Teams will deliver their presentations in class.

From past experience and presentation time constraints, it is best if you do screenshots of your website and social channels instead of a live demonstration. Please refer to my screenshot tip sheet if needed. As you are working with Google Slides, you will need to save screenshots as jpeg or png in order to upload them to your shared folder and incorporate them into your slide deck.

Status Report #2 Outline

Mock Company Overview: slide devoted to brief overview of who you are, what you do, who you serve, benefits. This can be a re-statement of your value proposition or summary of your company overview statement from Part 1.

Mock Company Website

  • Summarize the primary objective, target audience, and primary goals of the site (what you want people to do when they visit)
  • Wireframe (include verbal discussion around your team’s logic for this layout – why you chose select features or format)
  • Screenshots of home page and pages/sections for who we are, what we do, who we serve, blog
  • Highlights of Baseline User Testing Results

Mock Company Social Media Channels

  • Summarize your goals with audience engagement and the type of content you plan to feature on your channels. Include notes on how you hope to motivate your audience to engage with the company through likes, shares, comments or other user-generated content
  • Screenshot of your Facebook main page and first post
  • Screenshot of your Instagram main page and first post

Closing Remarks: Now that you have your website and social channels set up – close your status report with ideas you have for campaign #1 and how you can generate awareness and drive traffic to your digital channels.

Turn it in

  1. Have one person on your team access the Lesson 4 > Status Report 2 dropbox in Blackboard
  2. Copy/paste your presentation link or upload your doc
  3. Submit

Grading Criteria

With Status Reports I am looking for thoughtful preparation and research, attention to detail, completion of task, creativity, and good energy. Presentations should be error-free and a demonstrated effort for solid delivery of information including maintaining audience interest and limited use of notes. Teams are also expected to stay on-brand and on-message relative to their mock company.