Status Report #1

Points: 20 pts (team task)
Due date: Presentations will be delivered live in class on Wed, Feb 12 (all teams)
Resources: Google Slides, PowerPoint or another presentation tool
Summary: The purpose of the first status report is to reveal each team’s mock company ideas and concepts.


Status Report #1 is all about revealing mock companies! This is your team’s chance to celebrate and showcase who you are, what you do, who you serve, and your visual identity.

Presentation Requirements:

  • Google Slides is recommended but you can use PowerPoint or other presentation tool if you choose
  • Follow the outline that is provided
  • Apply your new mock company brand fonts and colors throughout your presentation
  • All 10 groups will present on the same day so reports cannot exceed 3-4 minutes.

Status Report Outline

  1. Title slide with logo and presentation title
  2. Self-introductions of each team member
  3. Overview the vision for your mock company:
    1. Who you are
    1. Products or services
    1. Key competitors
    1. Who you serve (audience profile)
    1. Key competitors
  1. Visual identity (logo, fonts, colors)
  2. What you are most excited about this semester

Turn it in

  1. Have one person on your team access Blackboard > Assignment Dropboxes > Status Reports > Status Report #
  2. Copy/paste your presentation link or upload your doc as .pptx or pdf
  3. Submit

Grading Criteria

Teams will be graded for thoughtful preparation and research, attention to detail, completion of task, creativity, and good energy. Presentations should be error-free and a demonstrated effort for solid delivery of information including maintaining audience interest and limited use of notes. Teams are also expected to stay on-brand and on-message relative to their mock company.

Note: Students who no-show on the presentation day or who do not have excused absences are at risk of receiving a zero “0” for Status Report #1. If you are unable to attend a presentation day, you must inform the instructor and your team in advance.