Part 0: Team Orientation & Setup

Points: 15 pts (team task)
Due date: Mon, Jan 27 at 11:59 p.m.
Resources: Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, collaborative tools
Summary: This assignment is the kick-off to team setup, orientation, and establishing your team charter


As a first step in your semester-long project, your team must connect, exchange information, and set the foundation for how you will work and succeed together. To accomplish this, your team will engage in a process for team orientation, setup, and establishing your team charter.


Step 1: Access your team’s shared Google Folder

Access the Part 0 folder > Part 0_Template

Step 2: Set up a team Gmail account. You will need this for future setup of digital channels and Google Analytics

  1. Have one person create a team Gmail: Visit Setting up a new Gmail account.
  2. Make a note of the username and password in your team’s shared “login credentials” Google Spreadsheet housed in your team folder

Step 3: Complete Part 0 – Team orientation, setup, and establishing your team charter

  1. Housed within your team’s shared Google Drive folder, access your team’s doc for Part 0 Team orientation, setup, and establishing your team charter (all team members can contribute to the document at the same time)
  2. Complete the Part 0 template that includes:
    • Team Gmail address
    • Team member info (contact info, strengths, weaknesses)*
    • Decision and set up of collaboration tool(s) such as Facebook Groups, GroupMe, etc.
    • Team values statement
    • Team charter outlining priorities for:
      • Contribution such as active participation (not just showing up but being “present”), flexibility, being responsive, original ideas, not just going the easy route, completing assigned tasks, pulling one’s weight)
      • Cooperation and Professionalism such as don’t be a distraction – add value, listen to other’s ideas, stay quiet while others are speaking (don’t interrupt or talk over), be flexible, be open-minded, work together – not in silos, respect each other, don’t be aggressive, be on time, lead but don’t dictate)
      • Work Distribution such as follow-through with assigned tasks, don’t expect others to pick up your slack/do your work for you (accountability), be proactive when it’s obvious it is too much (ask for help in advance), consider volume of tasks vs. intensity of tasks)
      • Quality such as check work for typos/design quality/grammar/citations, check that instructor feedback is incorporated, don’t be sloppy, take the time to produce good work, make it meaningful, verify accuracy and completeness, be organized, put in the best effort, be prepared – do the research)
      • Rewards and Recognition such as celebrate success by X, celebratory meetups outside class, team member of the week within group chat, weekly group selfies, shout-outs via social media)

Step 4: Turn it in

  1. When your document is complete and QA-checked, have one person on your team log in to Blackboard and access the COMSTRAT 310 course space
  2. Open the Assignment Dropboxes folder > Assignments > Team Project Folder
  3. Go back to your doc in Google Drive
  4. “Share” your document by clicking the “Share” button
  5. Click on “Get Shareable Link”
  6. Copy link
  7. Go back to the drop box and paste in the link (CTRL>V) or right click > paste > Submit

Grading Criteria

Students will be graded for completion of the task with an emphasis in following instructions, overall quality, completeness, accuracy, and presentation value.

*Important! In 310 we are committed to respectful engagement practices. Personal attacks, use of harsh language or expletives, discriminatory or inflammatory statements will not be tolerated – in-person or via direct messaging (text, chats, email, etc.). Students who abuse or misuse this policy are subject to removal from the team, dismissal from the course, course failure and referral to the Office of Student Conduct per Standards of Conduct for Students WAC 504-26-218, 504-26-220, and 504-26-222.