L5 Creative Activity: Adobe Spark Video

Points: 10 pts (individual task)
Due date: Fri, Nov 22 at 11:59 p.m.
Resources: Canva
Summary: Create an infographic in Canva related to your mock company industry. L6 Tutorial Overview slides


For this individual tutorial, you will create an infographic that is related to your mock company industry. The focus of the infographic is facts and stats or benefits. Choose from one of the following as a focus for your assignment:

  • Top 5-10 reasons to X (e.g. buy local, eat healthy, travel internationally, eat cannabis-infused food, buy lunch at a food truck, drink microbrews, go to a local restaurant, attend a festival, donate to X, etc.)
  • Facts and statistics about the industry
  • Top 3-5 companies in your industry
  • Your top 5 picks (clothing, food, sports teams, travel destinations, coffee drinks)
  • Other ideas – find an article on a subject related to your industry and use it as the focus for the assignment OR take a look at unique ideas for infographics to come up with your own concept.


Turn it in

  1. Check your work for accuracy, completion of parameters, spelling, and grammar
  2. In Canva > download your infographic as a jpg, png, or pdf
  3. Log in to Blackboard > locate COMSTRAT 310
  4. Select the Assignment Dropboxes folder in the left column
  5. Select the Lesson 6 folder
  6. Select the dropbox for L6 Tutorial and attach your infographic artwork > Submit

Grading Criteria

For this task I will focus on accuracy, attention to detail in layout and design, demonstration of originality and creativity. I will also pay close attention to application of best practices for professional communicators in writing, editing, and use of format and style. I will focus on accuracy (spelling, grammar), formatting (layout), and completeness of the task.