L4 Creative Activity: Canva Infographic

Points: 10 pts (individual task)
Due date: Mon, Nov 4 at 11:59 p.m.
Resources: Facebook, Instagram, Google, SproutSocial
Summary: Each team member will identify a minimum of 2 referral sources to share on your mock company’s digital channels throughout Campaign #1 and #2. L5 Tutorial Overview slide


As stated by CoSchedule, “Sharing others’ content is one of the best ways to show that you’re not all about you, and that you value a variety of perspectives beyond your own.”

For this assignment each person on the team will identify a minimum of TWO referral sources to share on your channels throughout Campaign #1 and #2. These can be blog posts, articles, infographics, quotes, memes, events, case studies, photos, or videos. 

Search for influencers and referral sources within Facebook and Instagram, Google, or SproutSocial’s Publishing > Find Content feature


Steps for each person on the team:

  1. Access the L5 Tutorial shared doc in your team’s shared folder
  2. Identify 1-2 bloggers, journalists, or companies that have some context to your industry or company philosophy
  3. Visit their blog, site, or social channels and identify at least TWO pieces of content you can share on your mock company’s Facebook and Instagram feed
  4. Within your shared doc – complete your portion of the table provided to note the referral source, post type, context to accompany shared content, and link/screenshot of art
  5. Once you have identified the curated content you will share, work together to schedule the publishing of these posts through SproutSocial – or directly to your Facebook or Instagram feed.

Shared Team Folders:

9a Teams

10a Teams

Turn it in

Once your doc is complete and ALL team members have contributed – turn the assignment in:

  1. Blackboard > Lesson 5 > Assignment Dropboxes > L5 Tutorial
  2. “Share” your L5 Tutorial shared doc from Google Drive
  3. Turn it in by Nov 4 but you are encouraged to complete it earlier so you can begin sharing the content during Campaign #1.

Note that if any person on the team fails to complete their portion of the table, that individual will get a 0 on the assignment.

Grading Criteria

For this task, I am going to pay close attention to the application of best practices for professional communicators in writing, editing, and use of format and style. I will focus on accuracy (spelling, grammar), formatting (layout), and completeness of the task.