L3 Creative Activity: Social Media Post


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Points: 10 pts (individual task)
Due date: Mon, Oct 14 at 11:59 p.m.
Resources: Canva or Adobe Spark
Summary: Create designed social media posts for your mock company using Canva or Adobe Spark. You will create one sized for Facebook and another sized for Instagram. L4 Tutorial Overview slide


For this task you are going to practice creating designed posts in Canva or Adobe Spark for Facebook and Instagram. Each member of the team will create one Facebook post and one Instagram post for your mock company using Canva or Adobe Spark. This is SEPARATE from your Campaign #1 tasks but you will be asked to schedule these posts on your mock company channels at a later date.





  1. Individually create two posts: one for Facebook and one for Instagram
  2. Use Canva or Adobe Spark to create the posts
  3. Upload your designed posts to the designated folder in your team shared Google folder as a png or jpeg. Be sure to include your last name in the file name

The focus for this task is to create designed posts using Canva or Adobe Spark. For now, do not worry about creating text to accompany the post – only focus on DESIGN. When you have finished your design, upload them as a jpeg or png file to the shared folder I created for each team that is called “L4 Tutorial Posts.”  

Be sure to apply all of your company branding standards (fonts (or matching fonts), color scheme). Incorporating your logo is not necessary as you will eventually post these to your own channels.

Designed Facebook Post:

  • Theme: “We Love Fall” posts featuring inspirational quotes, images, video clips, photo gallery, or other seasonal “mood” content to celebrate fall in the context of your industry. You can use this as an opportunity to feature a fall-themed product or more generic messages.
  • Content requirements:  At least one photo, copy related to fall season’s greetings, hashtag optional

Designed Instagram Post:

  • Theme: “Feature Team Member” post featuring yourself
  • Content requirements:  Photo, Boomerang, short video that includes at least your first name or nick name. Have fun with filters and Instagram tools. It should represent your personality (PG-rated please!)


Facebook post in Canva
Instagram post in Canva

Shared Team Folders:

Upload your finished posts to your team’s L4 Tutorial Posts folder. Be sure to include your last name in the file name.

9a Teams

10a Teams

Grading Criteria

For this task, I am going to pay close attention to application of best practices for professional communicators in writing, editing, and use of format and style. I will focus on accuracy (spelling, grammar), formatting (layout), and completeness of the task.