Group Evaluation Check-In

Points: 10 pts
Due Dates: Due by Mon, Sep 30 at 11:59p
Category: Peer Evaluation
Resources: Word template


Peer Evaluation #1 is designed to assess how things are going with your team so far (setup thru the completion of Part 2). This is your opportunity to celebrate successes and/or voice concerns on how the team and individuals on the team are performing. All responses will be kept confidential. If there are major concerns, I may follow-up as needed to ensure issues are addressed in a timely manner. Thank you for your feedback!

Please complete an evaluation of each team member. You do not need to evaluate yourself. Place an X in the appropriate criterion. Please indicate all open-ended comments or notes in the “comments” section after each team member.

Evaluation Criterion

  • Effort: Has original ideas. Actively participates in conversation. Responds to messages and emails, keeps group updated. Comes to class. Communicates absences.
  • Quality: Makes a strong effort to produce the best outcome. Work is complete. Communicates and shares ideas in and outside of class.
  • Professionalism & Cooperation: Courteous. Listens and doesn’t interrupt. Mediates conflict. Open to group ideas. Follows through with work. 
  • Contribution: Does fair share of work, does work that they committed to. Is on time and prepared.

Turn it in

  1. Check your work for completion
  2. Open Blackboard > Assignments >  Lesson 3 folder > Peer Eval 1 dropbox
  3. Upload your completed template as a .docx or pdf file