Launch of Lesson 6: Campaign #2 Implementation and Metrics

Welcome to week 12. Here is a snapshot of activities for this week:

Nov 4: Campaign #2 planning and preparation

  • Assignment Intro: Part 5 Campaign #2 implementation, monitoring, metrics (Nov 6-18)
  • Lecture: Tutorial for creating ads in Facebook and Instagram
  • Lecture: Social Media Tips
  • Formal launch of Campaign #2 (Nov 6-18)

Nov 6: Campaign #2 and field trip to The Spark

  • Meet in Goertz 1 at the start of class
  • First 20 min of class – Work on campaign #2 (Part 5)
  • Last 30 min of class – Spark pick up day for key chains

Nov 8: Google Analytics Certification Day 1

Due on Fri, Nov 22:

  • Reading and end-of-chapter quiz: Ch 8: Personal Branding: Know what is possible in the digital space
  • Tutorial: Canva – Infographics
  • Team Project: Part 5: Campaign #2 implementation, monitoring, and metrics

Visit the Lesson 6 page for all related links

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