Welcome to week 8! This week officially marks the half-way point of the semester. Midterm grades will be posted Oct 9 so you can see your progress so far. If I have any concerns about any individual student, I will reach out personally for further discussion and review with the ultimate goal of keeping everyone on track and successful!

Here is a snapshot for this week:

Oct 7: Successful digital campaigns

  • Lecture: Digital Campaigns Implementation
  • Lecture: Blogging in Business
  • Lecture: Blogging Tips in Weebly
  • Exercise: Creating buzz – spreading the word about your mock company within your own network (aka “Follow us!”)

Oct 9: Overview of paid ads

  • Lecture: Anatomy of Best Social Media Posts
  • Lecture: Overview of Paid Advertising
  • Exercise: Google Ads Test Campaign (Oct 9-11)

Oct 11: Google Ad test campaign and intro to Part 4

  • Review of Google Ads test campaign results
  • Assignment Intro: Part 4: Campaign #1 (Oct 16-27)

Due on Mon, Oct 14

  • Reading and end-of chapter quiz: Ch 6: Integrated Digital Campaigns: Planning, Execution & Metrics
  • Tutorial: Canva or Adobe Spark – social media posts
  • Team Project: Part 3: Branded materials, digital content creation, and Campaign #1 planning

Visit the Lesson 4 page for all related links

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