Aug 19, 21, 23

Hi all. Welcome to COMSTRAT 310: Digital Content Promotion! 310 is a course designed to help students apply writing, critical thinking, and persuasion skills to the practice and promotion of PR and advertising, in both digital and social media outlets.

This week is the kick off to the course. Key topics this week include course overview and intro to the semester-long project, becoming a digital marketing specialist, success in teams, intro to digital marketing tools and PESO Model, ethical practices in digital.

Your to do’s this week:

  1. Attend class each day – MWF 9:10-10:00a in Goertzen 1
  2. Review the course blog:
  3. Purchase the e-Textbook – get an access card at the Bookie or purchase direct from the publisher – Great River Learning. Instructions
  4. Read Ch 1: Foundations in Integrated Digital Marketing
  5. Complete the Forming Teams Survey

Please come to class so you can get oriented and off to a good start. Looking forward to meeting you all the first week of class!

Visit the Lesson 1 page for all related links.

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