Week 11: Status Report #3

Mar 25, 27, 29

It is week 11! This week we officially wrap up Campaign #1 as you prepare to present your partner team Campaign #1 assessments as part of Status Report #3. A few reminders:

  • Peer eval #2 info is posted – please submit by Mon, Mar 25 at midnight
  • Teams will present Status Report #3 in-class on Mar 27 and 29. There are two related tasks:
    • Complete the the campaign assessment template to evaluate your partner team’s campaign #1 materials and metrics outcomes (most teams completed this task in class on Friday)
    • Prepare and deliver your Status Report #3 presentation using the outline provided

On Monday teams will focus on presentation preparation and on Wednesday and Friday teams will present in the following order:

10:10-11a (Chris)

Wed, Mar 27Fri, Mar 29
1) Experience Express1) Trocal
2) Posh Planning2) Full Circle Foods
3) Big Day Your Way3) Sip and Shop
4) Doorbell Food Delivery4) Drive IN-tertainment
5) Blue Sky Resorts

1:10-2p (Rebecca)

Wed, Mar 27Fri, Mar 29
1) PAWS1) Inspo & Co
2) The Mindful You2) Seattle XP
3) Sang To Go3) Hopscotch Brewing Co
4) Iungo Networking Agency4) Good Condition Mission
5) Cafe Mazi5) Travelcation

2:10-3p (Chris)

  1. Cougar Care Concussion Aid
  2. Round the Clock Pullman
  3. Smooth Study
  4. Coug Lux
  5. Paradise on the Palouse

Photo credit: Pexels (customized)

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