Week 10: Campaign 1 implementation begins!

Welcome to the formal launch of Campaign #1! This week you will begin the implementation of Campaign #1. It will run until about Nov 4 when you will want to get organized to complete RO4: Campaign Metrics report for Campaign #1. Campaign #2 planning begins in Week 12. Here is the short list of all you will do as part of Campaign #1 implementation (see TT10: Campaign Implementation for details)

  1. Campaign landing page within your  Wix or Weebly site
  2. Google Adwords ads
  3. 1-2 Facebook posts
  4. 1-2 Instagram posts
  5. 1-2 blog posts
  6. Campaign email using Constant Contact

By Monday (Oct 23 midnight) you should have TT8: Campaign Planning complete and submitted to Blackboard, as well as completed TT9: Week 9 blog, Facebook and Instagram posts.

This week is all about digital content creation and launching your campaigns. We want you to be innovative with the creation of original photos and videos, and the use of tools including Adobe Spark, Canva, Constant Contact, and others. Attendance is critical and mandatory so please make a commitment to be in class every session to work with your teammates. We will provide you with tips, examples, and coaching throughout the week. You will create your Google Adwords ads on Wednesday or Friday depending on when we get everything setup with the Murrow business office. We will also start reviewing metrics in Facebook/Instagram, Constant Contact, and Google Analytics to demonstrate campaign progression and real-time tracking.

Both Chris and Rebecca are getting caught up on grading for everything since midterm grades were submitted. Thank you for your patience!

One more note – we are in the process of updating the TEAMS page so you can see what your classmates are doing as well. You are encouraged to view the pages, like their social media and participate in engagement to help each other out! Looking forward to working with you on the launch of your first campaign!

Week 9: Digital Campaign #1 Planning

Oct 16-20

Welcome to Week 9 in COMSTRAT 310. We will kick off the week with more team meetups as we wrap up digital setup checks. On Wednesday we will dig in to campaign #1 planning in preparation for campaign implementation on Oct 23. A few reminders as we head into Lesson 5:

  • For those groups who did not meet with the instructor on Friday, be ready to meet up on Monday. We are using the attached checklist to guide the meeting.
  • Complete Peer Review #2 by Oct 16
  • Complete your Metrics Setup (TT6) including the setup of Google Analytics, SEO tasks and the separate document for KPIs and baseline metrics
  • Finish reading chapters 4 and 5

Looking forward to planning your first campaign!

Week 8: Metrics Setup & Team Meetups

Oct 9-15

Hello and welcome to Week 8! This week we will wrap up Lesson 4: Digital Marketing Tools, Tactics and Metrics. You will set up metrics and tracking on your mock company website, learn about social media metrics and search engine optimization, complete all initial content population for your digital assets, submit your second peer review, create an executive summary sheet, and meet up with Rebecca/Chris for a walk-thru of all you have completed the past couple of weeks. Here is a breakdown of these activities we want to complete by Mon, Oct 16:

  1. Integration of Google Analytics into your mock company website
  2. Integration of search engine optimization into every page of your website and blog posts
  3. Determination of your key performance indicators for your website
  4. Determination of your conversion points (or metrics for success) in your social media engagement activities
  5. Identification of your baseline metrics for your website and social channels
  6. Completion of all initial content for your website and social channels including main site pages, first two Facebook and Instagram posts, first two blog posts, and personal bio pages
  7. As part of Report Out #3:
    • Creation of an executive summary sheet showcasing your team’s digital assets
    • 1:1 team meetups with Rebecca/Chris so we can walk thru your website¬† and social channel setup, integration of Google Analytics and SEO, and take a look at your initial content
  8. Completion of Peer Review #2 in Blackboard

Midterm grades will also be posted by 5p on Oct 11 so be sure to check My Grades in Blackboard to ensure you are caught up. Note that completion of readings and associated points have to be entered manually by the instructor. All “testing your knowledge” activities at the end of each subchapter for Ch 1-3 must be complete by Oct 9 midnight if you want credit. No retro-grading will happen once we pass the midterm point.

Everything else kicks off Monday so please make this a priority week for attendance!

See you soon!

Quick reference links:

Quick Ref – Lecture Slides:

Week 7: More in web and social channels

Oct 2-6

It’s Week 7 in COMSTRAT 310 which also means mid-term so you are half way through the semester! Hard to believe but here we are. This week Lesson 4 continues with the setup of your mock company website, Facebook page and Instagram page. We will introduce the assignment for personal bios and provide more coaching and tips in website creation and social media pages for business. Both Chris and Rebecca are working to get caught up on grading as midterm grades must be posted on Tuesday, Oct 11 so check My Grades later this week for updates.

For quick reference, click on the image below to access past 310 teams’ websites, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Week Six: Creation of digital tools

Sep 25 – Oct 1

Welcome to Week Six in COMSTRAT 310. Hard to believe it is almost midterm. You all did a great job with your report outs last week and have set your team up to produce some great content in Lesson 4: Digital Marketing Tools, Tactics, and Metrics. This week you will begin the process of setting up your mock company website and social channels. We will also orient you on web development process and provide orientation and training in two web content management tools: Wix and Weebly. Looking forward to seeing all of the great digital content you produce!