Week 9: Taking Leap of Faith

Oct 15-19

Welcome to week 9 in COMSTRAT 310! Lesson 4 Campaign #1 Planning, Implementation, and Tracking formally kicks off this week. Here is what is on the docket:

Mon, Oct 15: All teams will deliver Status Report #3 featuring their mock company website and social channels. We plan to get through all team presentations in one day so please be ready to go at the start of class.

Wed, Oct 17: We will pick up where we left off last week on campaign #1 planning and orient you on how campaign implementation will work

Fri, Oct 19: Chris Lavoie, animation producer and media support with Academic Outreach and Innovation and The Spark building, will visit the class to talk to you all about specialty print production and prepping your mock company logo to produce some swag (e.g. key chain, signage, or 3D object) on the Spark 3D printer, laser cutter, or acrylic/wood printer. He will meet up with each team to take a look at your logo, help determine which option is best for you based on design, and coach you on file prep. We will set a time later in the semester for us to go over the The Spark and produce the materials.

Be sure to read and finish the end-of-chapter activity for Ch 6: Integrated Digital Campaigns: Planning, Execution, and Metrics. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Photo: Senior Airman Scott Poe, U.S. Air Force

Week 8: Digital Metrics and SEO

Oct 8-12

It is Week 8 in COMSTRAT 310. This week Lesson 3 continues – we will spend quality time on digital metrics including Google Analytics, search engine optimization, social media metrics, campaign metrics planning, setup, and tracking. You will also wrap up the build of your mock company websites and social channels including all initial content population as part of the semester-long project Part 3. We will introduce specifics for Status Report #3 by Wednesday. Reminder to read and complete end-of-chapter quizzes for Chapter 4 Digital Marketing: Web, Social Media, Online Advertising, and Mobile.

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Week 7: Get ready to build your website and social channels!

Oct 1-5

This week marks the launch of Lesson 3: Digital Marketing: Tools, Tactics, and Metrics. In your Semester-Long Project Part 3: Digital Asset Planning and Setup you will establish the media content for your mock company and create your three main owned media channels: your website, Facebook, and Instagram. You’ll also optimize your website and setup Google Analytics.

This assignment has three components all due by Mon, Oct 15:

  1. Digital Asset Planning
  2. Initial Setup and Content Population for Digital Assets (including website, blog, social media channels)
  3. Initial metrics setup: Web Analytics and search engine optimization including quality assurance (checklist) of website

You also have two reading assignments this unit:

  • Ch 4: Digital Marketing: Web, Social Media, Online Advertising & Mobile
  • Ch 5: Digital Marketing: Monitoring, Metrics & Reporting

See you all Monday!

Week 6: Lesson 2 wrap-ups

Sep 26 and 28

Welcome to week 6 all! Chris and Rebecca are back from dropping Sawyer off at Western Washington University. It was a huge milestone moment with lots of emotions – but we are ready to move forward and get things wrapped up for this unit. Reminder of all that is due tomorrow, Sep 26:

  • Ch 3: Integrated Marketing Communication and end-of-chapter quiz
  • Part 2: Foundation, Identity, and Audience
  • Status Report #2 with 1:1 meetups with your instructor on Sep 26 and 28

Chris will announce which teams he is meeting with on each day in-class tomorrow. For Rebecca’s section – please see your email for a reminder on which teams are meeting each day.

See you soon!

Photo: Pixabay

The Joy of Cycling

Week 5: Lesson 2 continues

Sep 17-21

Welcome to week 5! This week we continue with Lesson 2 and Integrated Marketing Communications. This week you should be wrapping up most of your Lesson 2 tasks including:

  1. Read and complete end of subchapter “testing your knowledge” activities for Chapter 3: Integrated Marketing Communication
  2. Semester-Long Project Part 2: Foundation, Identity, and Audience including your final visual identity (logo), customer decision process, and target audience personas.

Details for Status Report #2 are coming soon. We’ll schedule those for the week of Oct 24. See you soon!

Photo credit: Mikael Colville-Andersen – Flickr, Creative Commons